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Winter Break Is finally Here

2013-12-21 00:19:05 by GDop26

I've officially been back home for an entire day and it was already magnificient. I've pledged to myself to stay productive and active for the rest of these 5 weeks, as I rose early (before 8am) and ran a ton of errands and started a bunch of crafting activities including sewing; whoa man, too manly for my taste, pins and needles :O. 

I've also started reworking on my madness project from, like an entire year ago. I've decided that I am going to try my hardest to produce and finish it up before the 5 weeks are over by compiling them into a signle avi/non swf file since it was previously thought to be too large of a file for it to be uploaded/worked on. The files have already been separated and organized for the sounds to be added for 98% of the animation is already been done (and has been sitting idly for about a year) and I just want to finish this sucker up. I'll be keeping a log of everything on here as well as updates at least once a week, and it's highly possible that that number will rise soon despite my parents' super formal plans for the future (tomorrow and the day after in flushing New York City, euhg!). 

I think I'll upload something for you guys, this is a mechanical finger I developed and constructed this morning out of cardboard and other poor college student materials. 3684602_138760288571_DSCF10071.JPG


So this is a close up picture of the finger I built, it features 3 separate joints and it joined with cardboard joints hidden in betweem the segments. The upper finger extensino action is controlled with muscles (rubber bands) along the top side of the finger pulling it up and straight when not in use and a tendon (floss) attached to the bottom, which strings down the entire finger through connecting tissue (straws I got from my sister) and allows for external control of the flexion of the finger. 


So that's just a little personal project update among many other things, and if you guys enjoyed this specific thing, than I'll be willing to put out more of this kind of junk and stuff. Well, I'll see you guys later, being busy means I need to sleep at a sort of reasonable time (12:30am would be nice). 

I'm Not Dead

2013-12-10 23:37:57 by GDop26

Woah man has it been a long time since my last bit of activity here! I've been busy at my 2nd year of college and things have been a-changing. Since my last post I've taken up multiple juggling styles such as poi, balls, cigar boxes and staffs, and I look forwards to start dragon staffing. I've also adopted a whole lot of dance styles such as Swing, breakdance, tektonik, C-walk, jumpstyle, Gurba, and Zumba. 

I'm posting back here again not because of Madness (unfortunately though everything is still there, I may just upload it as an unfinished project, it's still at least 4 minutes of solid animation from almost a year ago), but because I've taken up an interest in Flash Actionscripting Coding junk and my good juggling friend introduced me to his flash coding identity. I've been learning on top of my new college Biomedical Engineering lifestyle of homework, homework and homework; though I may be exaggerating some of those deh-tails. 

I've been coding for just under a month and I'm absolutely enjoying myself and I look forward to building some hopefully, awesome games. 

It's also possible that I'll be posting more non flash related news here, and it looks like the newgrounds posting system has been given a couple of face-lifts since 2 years ago. 

So yeah, I'm not dead and it's likely that I'll be more active here. Especially during my winter break when I'll be spending my sweet time learning AS3. 

Working on Madness Collab Piece Screeny and maybe TEST?

2012-09-16 11:36:06 by GDop26

Well I have officially lived at college for 2 weeks now and it is fantastic. Got 3 cool room mates (that's right, I live in a quad) and a beautiful campus, RIT. However, because of this I have been incredibly busy with work and haven't been able to make much progress on my collaboration part. But I started really working on it yesterday and I have almost forgot how much fun it was to animate but I am glad I had some time though. Anyways, enough talk I have posted a screeny from it, and perhaps if you really want I can post the effect shown below, which took like 3 hours of animating and planning and a Saturday morning. :p

Working on Madness Collab Piece Screeny and maybe TEST?

College is coming

2012-08-23 19:11:08 by GDop26

Well I have been incredible inactive recently. I've been transferring a lot of files over to my college laptop and such. I haven't really been working on any madness collabs at all. But I did pick up writing columns for a new site - the old one really sucked, triond really sucked - so that's been keeping me busy. However I do have some good news, yesterday I started putting the collab together so I actually have something to work on to keep the butterfly for college at bay. So here's picture of 2 guys chatting it up about some nonsense. So I'm going to try to get as much done for the collab before I head off to college, which will surely be busy.

Also this is collab part will be a strange and new experience as I try to use the V_cam more avidly.
So I'll you guys sometime after I get to college, see ya guys later...

College is coming

Madness Robot rocking out

2012-07-14 19:01:52 by GDop26

Robot from my new movie in a rocking out pose.

Madness Robot rocking out

Hey hey need some quick help with some stuff

2012-07-12 22:07:17 by GDop26

Hay guys I know it have been a while since my last post, no idea why I haven't posted in forever but I need your help for like 10 seconds. I've been making some more FBF explosions and I've made 6 different versions of the same explosion and I'd like to have a second (or more) opinion on the best looking explosion. The explosions run in order with the numbers on screen. So I'd like you guys to just list your 3 favored explosions for me, aight thanks guys.


Oh and just ignore the stuff on the left, it's nothing important (or is it?).

Madness project dying, looking for collabs

2012-04-01 19:30:09 by GDop26

Well good and bad news guys. Bad news is my 6 month project with ~6000 frames, is coming to a stop unfortunately because of intense technical difficulties. (For more details scroll down or PM me, perhaps you can help me). The good news is that because the project has died I now have a bunch of short madness animations, about 7 from the dead madness project, that I have to now compromise and send to collaborations, so that they don't go to waste. So if you got a collaboration then hit me up.

I organized my madness project as separate fla. files to decrease the size so that when working on each scene it wouldn't crash as much, and so that animating each scene wouldn't be so much of a pain. Because after 5 scenes or so, flash just gets really slow. I tried to merge them manually by copying and pasting each scene into one big file, but it would always crash on me due to flash crashing. I tried putting them into separate movieclips too, but that also ended with the same fate. I tried buying some swf merging programs but they always ended with some scenes not properly merging (some had missing characters, backgrounds, effects and etc.). so after a stress filled first 3 days of spring break I'm contemplating compromising and throwing in my towel (metaphorically speaking) and instead of submitting a single solo project, instead I'll just participate in a bunch of collaborations.

If you have any suggestions or any advice in fixing this problem then please PM me. Otherwise I'll be submitting my currently dead madness project to collaborations.

BY THE WAY I noticed the unfortunate post date of this news post, this is NOT a joke. I was just unfortunate enough to post this awful news on April 1st.

EDIT1: Well, I've sort of figured a solution, but this will split the movie into 2 parts. I don't know why but nly 5 scenes have already totaled 150MB on my fla. file and 4,334KB on the raw swf file (without sound or music by the way). I don't know why it was so memory intensive with this madness project.

Madness project dying, looking for collabs

Experimental test/project

2012-02-22 16:06:03 by GDop26

Well I was watching some high speed videos of stuff in slo-motion and I thought of actually doing some random Frame by Frame tests and project. So last night I drew and animated a rock falling into water (just for fun). Because I'd really like to expand from madness animations to other stuff, not that madness is boring or anything. But I'd just like to explore other animations and such. Droplet

I'll still be working on madness though, this will only be a 'just for kicks' kind of thing (assuming I don't get random inspiration to do something different).


Frame by Frame bullet :D

2012-01-17 21:21:33 by GDop26

Hey guys, I was planning a Frame by Frame scene in my flash that required the 3Dimensional spin of a bullet mid flight. Bullet and I want to make it as nice as possible, so what advice would you give me to improve my frame by frame animation. And if you're not FBF savvy, what else could I add to make the bullet look cooler and more fantastic. Critique is welcomed.

How long would you say would be a satisfactory length for a madness movie. i mean so far I'm up to like 5500 frames with about 8 actual scenes. Well I guess it doesn't really matter that much, but I will welcome suggestions...

Also a screeny

When should I finish my madness movie this time...? And screenie...