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I'm Not Dead

2013-12-10 23:37:57 by GDop26

Woah man has it been a long time since my last bit of activity here! I've been busy at my 2nd year of college and things have been a-changing. Since my last post I've taken up multiple juggling styles such as poi, balls, cigar boxes and staffs, and I look forwards to start dragon staffing. I've also adopted a whole lot of dance styles such as Swing, breakdance, tektonik, C-walk, jumpstyle, Gurba, and Zumba. 

I'm posting back here again not because of Madness (unfortunately though everything is still there, I may just upload it as an unfinished project, it's still at least 4 minutes of solid animation from almost a year ago), but because I've taken up an interest in Flash Actionscripting Coding junk and my good juggling friend introduced me to his flash coding identity. I've been learning on top of my new college Biomedical Engineering lifestyle of homework, homework and homework; though I may be exaggerating some of those deh-tails. 

I've been coding for just under a month and I'm absolutely enjoying myself and I look forward to building some hopefully, awesome games. 

It's also possible that I'll be posting more non flash related news here, and it looks like the newgrounds posting system has been given a couple of face-lifts since 2 years ago. 

So yeah, I'm not dead and it's likely that I'll be more active here. Especially during my winter break when I'll be spending my sweet time learning AS3. 


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2013-12-10 23:44:23

glad u not dead

GDop26 responds:

It's refreshing being alive.


2013-12-11 00:45:44

thats great


2013-12-11 01:25:12



2013-12-11 06:31:48

you should finish that project


2013-12-11 07:28:17

at least publishing it, hur hur


2013-12-11 08:35:51

Don't you dare touch homework until you write 100 ActionScript lines. :D


2013-12-11 09:04:45

thank the lord.


2013-12-11 09:27:40

That was unexcepted !
Im are 100% sure you are dead but nope , you still are here , very glad you back because im started losting my motivation to animation training (Im n00b and im must learn more , after this i will account changing and start NG live again).

One question - Madness T is cancelled or will be finished ?


2013-12-11 11:42:00

i don't think so in cause he is learning AS3 and stuffs.
and no madness.


2013-12-11 17:53:22

Good luck man, lol, I remember now how hard were when I made my first game, it's very simple, but HAAAAAAAARD like hell to make :P


2013-12-12 08:54:54

Not hard. Frustrating, exciting, interesting. "Hard" sounds boring compared to what you feel when you program a game.