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Entry #24

Winter Break Is finally Here

2013-12-21 00:19:05 by GDop26

I've officially been back home for an entire day and it was already magnificient. I've pledged to myself to stay productive and active for the rest of these 5 weeks, as I rose early (before 8am) and ran a ton of errands and started a bunch of crafting activities including sewing; whoa man, too manly for my taste, pins and needles :O. 

I've also started reworking on my madness project from, like an entire year ago. I've decided that I am going to try my hardest to produce and finish it up before the 5 weeks are over by compiling them into a signle avi/non swf file since it was previously thought to be too large of a file for it to be uploaded/worked on. The files have already been separated and organized for the sounds to be added for 98% of the animation is already been done (and has been sitting idly for about a year) and I just want to finish this sucker up. I'll be keeping a log of everything on here as well as updates at least once a week, and it's highly possible that that number will rise soon despite my parents' super formal plans for the future (tomorrow and the day after in flushing New York City, euhg!). 

I think I'll upload something for you guys, this is a mechanical finger I developed and constructed this morning out of cardboard and other poor college student materials. 3684602_138760288571_DSCF10071.JPG


So this is a close up picture of the finger I built, it features 3 separate joints and it joined with cardboard joints hidden in betweem the segments. The upper finger extensino action is controlled with muscles (rubber bands) along the top side of the finger pulling it up and straight when not in use and a tendon (floss) attached to the bottom, which strings down the entire finger through connecting tissue (straws I got from my sister) and allows for external control of the flexion of the finger. 


So that's just a little personal project update among many other things, and if you guys enjoyed this specific thing, than I'll be willing to put out more of this kind of junk and stuff. Well, I'll see you guys later, being busy means I need to sleep at a sort of reasonable time (12:30am would be nice). 


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2013-12-21 02:07:53

*oooooaaaaaahhhhhhhh* darn, I need to sleep, it's 5:07 am here so, unfortunately, I won't be able to read everything you writen, sorry. And don't worry, tomorrow I read it all :D
By the way, i liked the mechanic finger you did :P


2013-12-21 05:07:36

you make long pavé, sir.
that great to know that what you call this "shit" will be finished ;)