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Madness Implacability Madness Implacability

Rated 5 / 5 stars

2 weeks, seriously?!?

I am astonished by you 2 week claim, I find that really hard to believe though I feel you have no reason to lie. My eyes have been opened to how slowly and not up to date on my flash movie I am. As for the flash itself I am thoroughly impressed on how many great flash animators there are out on Newgrounds nowadays. The fluidity was top notch with some good old ninja movements placed throughout. I liked the blade action in your movie a lot, with some sneaky little moves along with some interesting choreography. However, I am dissatisfied with the music choice here, it just didn't feel right as it did not flow with the chaos (though my lack of interest in Dub-step may lead to increased bias in my judgement here).

Overall I think this was a worthy tribute to the series and it deserves a higher score, in my opinion at least. I will be looking forward to your next movie, but just don't pump it out too quickly, or you're going make me feel bad and slow. D:

Madness Huitation Madness Huitation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Totally Legit...

...I was surprised at your level of animation. I hadn't really known or seen much of your work before until now, and I got to say that I'm very impressed. I do like that you added some original effects - the shotgun blast distortion - along with smooth character animation. The grunts looked more or less responsive compared to other tributes to this series. However I didn't like the level or brevity displayed in your 'short' tribute, however that factor should not take away heavily from the score of the movie. So all in all I really liked your short tribute which displayed your animation skills along with your own creative spin on the series (more or less). I would like to see more from you along (I'd prefer a longer flash movie next time) with a - hopefully - successful collaboration in the near future.


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Tr3Yo responds:

Thanks for a constructive review, you can wait a collab from me this year (you are in this collab lol), and yeah I'd like to make a new long movie which I might make this year too. :D

Shock4: The Final Battle! Shock4: The Final Battle!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For those who are disappointed in the movie don't seem to realize that this was only made for fun and is a joke. It was probably animated like this as a joke to newbie animators. So everyone who do not get the joke calm down.


I personally thought this was pretty funny; I laughed out loud to my (if that's possible). So yeah

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Mafia Madness 1 (ditched) Mafia Madness 1 (ditched)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Symbols... need to be careful with how you handle your sprite names, for they seem to be causing some strange occurrences in your flash. However I do like the creativity and the relative smoothness in animation. So meaning, it's time to study up on some flash basics understanding.

Beast- Kensei Beast- Kensei

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Movie effects...

...though short I must say these are some of the greatest effects I have ever seen on newgrounds. In fact so amazing that I watched this about 4 times just to admire the effects. So nice job, keep it up.

madness combat-reload-tst madness combat-reload-tst

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Everything does have to move...

...not everything in the character has to move to make it look good. I like the effort in separately animating every part of the body but it's not necessary. My advice for you would be to act out your character's movement in real life and just analyze your own movements and try to to mimick it in flash. also as a side note, try not to upload tests here, because tests tend to get negatively recieved here. So instead upload it into your "dump" section and simply put like a news post directing to your test.

Summary: not everything has to move.
Don't move too fast either.
"Act" out your characters actions.
Don't post tests here but rather in the dump section.

BestMadness BestMadness

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Master Piece, I don't know how you were able to pull this one off but you did. The fluid animation was comparable to that of the team of Pixar ( though I admire their work ) I have to say this movie really raises the bar. This flash really paid attention to the details, the damages done to the enemies and even taking account into the possibilities of a larger Red Sun along with its effects on the inhabitants of this planet. Especially of its effects in Nevada. Obviously you do not have a large budget enough to get Justin Beiber to act out in this, but you were able to animate him enough to give the audience the appearance of emotion, feeling, and give JB the realist touch to really make it feel like he's there. To really give your characters life is one of the greatest aspects of an animator. Now the story is not of your strongest links in this movie, however , the fact that this IS a madness movie may excuse that lack of skill in the story telling department. but even if it is the weakest link here that does not hinder the rest of the sweat and tears you put into this flash movie. I applaud you in your work and hope to see more like this one.

~ GDop

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Tr3Yo responds:

O_o, awesome review, dude. Yeah, it took time to make this GREAT movie

Super Palo Super Palo

Rated 5 / 5 stars


...cartoons like this make me want to start up cartoons that require more frame by frame techniques. FBF offers less restriction in what you can do but requires a different skill set. I've been trying to find this flash for a few days as reference to how stuff should look in fbf environments. But anyways, I really enjoyed watching this toon again; the only complaint I can find is its briefness, and how I wanted more. Good job on this cartoon. I look forward to any other movies you come up with.

...I'll be waiting.

Rebooting The Madness Rebooting The Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars


...this animation really looks like you were having fun doing. The interesting powers, looks, and creativity used here shows how innovative you are. In fact now it may even be your trademark to put strange characters in your madness movies. I think this movie truly deserves the score it has but probably should have gotten at least 2nd or 1st daily place prize. Aside from that, this flash was very entertaining and worth the watch.

Good job, :D

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Christian Bale Revolution Christian Bale Revolution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, well well...

I suppose you got your flash back? Also that was oddly entertaining, and it's good to see more from you. :D

rorychally responds:

I have :) Thank you.